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Renaming our channels

We are changing the names and branding of our YouTube channels FBE and React Channel. This is a big deal and has definitely come with plenty of care and thought.

FBE has been a channel for over 10 years. The React Channel about 5 years. FBE has our shows that are the React format such as Kids React, Teens React, Adults, YouTubers etc. But on the React channel we don't do the React format. To be totally honest, this has often been confusing for new team members when they join the company. On The React Channel we play games. We have fun with pop culture. We eat- or we Try Not To Eat 😅 and we also have gaming shows. So we wanted to make our channel brands more accurately reflect the shows we make on each channel.

Introducing REACT and REPLAY.

If you watch our shows on Snapchat discover, you'll recognize the branding of REACT. For about 2 years now we have been releasing episodes on Snapchat with this branding and we really like it. Plus it just made sense to call the show/channel on Snapchat REACT. All our shows on what was formerly known as FBE will stay the same. It'll still be all the React shows from Kids to Elders, we are now just calling the channel REACT as well.

So what about The React Channel? After quite an exploration with everyone here at the company, we landed on the name REPLAY. We circled around tons of names and had multiple sessions where we tried things out. But REPLAY just felt right. It's playful. It fits with our shows that are games we play over and over again. It covers pop culture and gaming and food. We love it!

Below are some of the explorations we did while deciding what the REPLAY would look like.

All of us here at FBE are really looking forward to this next step for our company and the entertainment we make for all of you. At the end of the day, we are entertainers first. Storytellers. Making shows for you on multiple platforms is something we take great pride and care in doing.


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